Alicia Quimby is a multimedia artist based in Massachusetts. 

“Alicia Quimby’s sculptural paintings are made to play with your material and textural recognition, as well as be physiologically disruptive. Drawing on the fundamentals of op-art, her work carries a particular emphasis on breaking the rules as she explores themes of pattern, color theory and spatial understanding through mixed media works.Alicia’s dynamic studio practice is evident in the works she produces, there are a lot of elements that come together from varying sources and often over long periods of time. With hand weaving as a core of her studio practice, those textiles will sometimes become stand alone pieces. In other works they are incorporated into multilayered “sculptural paintings” that also introduce her digitally designed textiles along with found and modified items.Of her own work Alicia says “I find it entertaining that a piece can fool you into looking at it longer, only to have it disorient you further”. Using analogous and tertiary color combinations in rhythmic patterns and textures, her work often carries unexpected disruptions that incite further investigation. The resulting works simultaneously feel otherworldly, primitive and futuristic, in other words, they’re hard to define.”
-Katherine, Mingo Gallery